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    Impact of environmental laws

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    1) What are some advantages and disadvantages of instituting environmental laws and regulations versus allowing unfettered exchange of materials and services?

    2) Americans treasure their freedom, and some think that environmental laws are impinging on their constitutional freedom. Why do you think this view is correct or incorrect?

    3) If Nation A has stricter laws for environmental protection than Nation B and if these laws restrict the ability of Nation B to export its goods to Nation A, then by the policy of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the EU, Nation A's environmental protection laws can be overruled in the name of free trade. Do you think this is right? What if Nation A is a wealthy industrialized country and Nation B is a poor developing country that needs every economic boost it can receive?

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    1. Instituting environmental laws and regulation provides a uniform standard for regulating the exchange of materials and services. It creates standards of environmental protection and provides punishment when those standards are not adhered to. The disadvantages of creating such laws is that they can limit economical growth and there is always the risk of these laws creating a false sense of accomplishment if there is no ...

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