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    Environmental Law and the question of Tax Provisions

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    1. Is society better off with modern environmental laws, or would it be preferable to revert back to the old common law doctrines of private and public nuisance to govern environmental concerns?

    2. Tax provisions can impact behavior. Thus, Congress has created a tax deduction for those who purchase a new hybrid gas-electric car. Other countries have cut pollution emission by taxing companies that do emit. Is this the best way in a capitalistic society to address pollution?

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    1. Modern environmental laws are better than those of yesteryear, but the caveat is that the modern laws are not good enough. In the old common laws, technology did not exist to illustrate the damage being done to the environment by companies or businesses and, in addition, technology did not exist to ...

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    This solution examines the current environmental laws and their efficacy while also discussing whether tax provisions should be used as a way to address pollution in society.