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    Creating An Effective Advocacy Plan

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    Support / Major Suggestions on of an Effective advocacy plan ( for Special Education students / individuals ) - Keying in on:
    Effective Leadership

    - Preparation Guide for an Effective Advocacy Plan
    - The Main (an Effective Advocacy Plan)

    Key Components that must be addressed :
    Knowledge of advocacy & Diversity
    Problem Statement
    Policy Issue
    Policy & Laws (principles)
    Conclusion - Leadership


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    Support / Major Suggestions on of an Effective advocacy plan for Special Education students / individuals ) - Keying in on:

    Effective Leadership

    In gist, advocating on behalf of children with special needs is a multifaceted effort that requires many different actors including parents, teachers, and advocacy groups that specialize in advocating for special education students. Regardless if the advocate is a parent, a teacher, or an advocacy group, the most important in the process is preparation. Advocates must be prepared by establishing clear and concise organizational objectives and goals when determining the type of special education reforms the want to change or advocate on behalf of. This requires the advocate to invest their time in researching their positions, scanning their internal and external environments, and finally determining the resources that will be necessary to effectively bring their changes into fruition.

    Prioritizing the many needs of a special education child is mandatory when attempting to advocate on behalf of these children, which requires obtaining input from constituents, board members, staff, and other stakeholders in the special education child's circle as these members all understand the specific needs for these children. The objective is to establish a unified voice wherein careful planning is utilized to ensure that the goals and objectives for the special education advocates are clearly communicated through concise written agendas that can be implemented with the proper resources provided by those who are being lobbied to appropriate these resources by advocates.


    Different schools have different policies in reference to how they incorporate special education students into the classroom or school, but all schools must adhere to the policies and regulations set forth by the American's with Disability Act as well as the provisions provided by the IDEA Act, which is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This Act seeks to ensure that children with special education needs have these needs accommodated through the use of IEP's, ...

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