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Advocacy Plan Insights

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For your Final Project, you had the opportunity to learn from a professional who works with sexuality-related issues in his or her career. For this week's Discussion, you will reap the benefits of the lessons your classmates learned from their interviews as well. In particular, consider how the professionals interviewed by you and your classmates provide clues into social changes that could help promote more positive sexuality within the general population and/or specific segments of the population.

With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 4 a brief description of the person you interviewed for your Final Project, his or her profession, and the advocacy plan you proposed to promote social change. Then explain any insights you gained from the interview related to religious, cultural, and gender considerations. Finally, explain how these insights support your advocacy plan.

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The person interviewed for the final project was a sexual abuse counselor with a number of years of experience within this field. The advocacy plan proposed to promote social change was a plan in which there will be more education and awareness of sexual ...

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