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The Role of Education

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Discuss the role/s of education in a democratic society versus a nondemocratic society.

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The role of education in a democratic society is to help keep its citizens informed. An uneducated population will more likely be ruled by elites. Education is also seen as way to getting reasonable equal opportunities, if not perfectly equal opportunities. Many surveys have indicated that most Americans are in favor of a society based upon merit rather than perceived entitlement. Education is seen as a practical way of creating a society based on merit.

Currently during this time of increased surveillance, high risk standardized testing, direct corporate involvement in schooling and top-down dictates which prepare students to answer to the dictates of others, a democratic society needs to focus on an education for democracy. In a truly democratic education system everyone has rights, freedoms and responsibilities. This kind of education is characterized by collaboration, conversation between students and teachers, constructive conflict, compromise, the social construction of knowledge and mutual decision making. The role of education in a ...

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This solution discusses the role of education in a democratic society versus a non democratic society.