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Virginia School Funding

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I need help to search funding policies currently in place for the public schools in Virginia. The paper discussing the current funding policies for different programs, such as special education, bilingual, and multiple extracurricular programs in Virginia. I need 750- 1050 words. Thanks

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Now, to discuss funding in public schools in Virginia for different programs I must first go over how funds are distributed to schools in Virginia.

Funding for public schools in Virginia is provided by the Direct Aid to Public Education budget from the Appropriation Act. It is the General Assembly that appropriates the funds while the Department of Education administers the funds. In addition, generally speaking one-third of the state general funding budget is for public education.

Funding is split into six categories: Standards of Quality (SOQ); incentive programs; categorical programs; lottery proceeds fund; supplemental education programs; federal funds. In addition, state funding must be matched by localities. Localities may spend more though.

To determine the SOQ costs is very complicated. The basics are state funds + local funds + sales taxes. The state uses an "ability to pay" ...

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An overview on how public schools in Virginia are funded.

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