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Reforming and Restructuring Public Schools

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What measures would you recommend for reforming and restructuring the public schools?

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The solution discusses reforming and restructuring public schools.

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The ultimate goal of any school reform or restructuring is to enhance student performance. For solid and successful reconstructing to occur, improvement to student learning must be addressed.
To improve student learning, new approaches to instruction need to be developed in order to achieve success. Teachers must first collaborate together to develop a vision that includes challenging students, providing intellectual work, and communicating clear goals for learning.

The Center developed a particular vision of high quality student learning, "Authentic Student Achievement." This vision has three parts:
Construction of Knowledge - Students learn to organize, interpret and analyze information, instead of merely reproducing specific bits of knowledge from a textbook or classroom lecture. They learn to apply knowledge, not just collect facts.
Disciplined Inquiry - Using established knowledge in science, mathematics, history or literature, students develop in-depth understanding. They express that understanding in an "elaborate" way, such as writing an essay or engaging in a substantial discussion of the topic, instead of merely ...

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