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Juvenile crime and school violence research

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Are parents and school management playing a suitable role to control increasing school violence? If not, what else can they do to help solve the problem of school violence?

Are the juvenile courts doing enough to change the treatment of juveniles in the justice system?

What is the context of the juvenile justice system and the extent of juvenile crime and linked philosophies?

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First, as you examine if parents and school management are playing a suitable role to control increasing school violence, media reports show that parents are monitoring kids' social media accounts and reporting some potential red flags or signs of violence, it seems, as a result of school massacres and violence.

Definitely, school management is taking a proactive stance across America, as one article justifies:

Martinez, S. (2009). A System Gone Berserk: How Are Zero-Tolerance Policies Really Affecting Schools?. Preventing School Failure, 53(3), 153-158.

Martinez argues that school administrators "continue to use zero-tolerance policies" to avert violence. "Originally intended to address serious offenses such as possession of ...

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200 words of my model ideas and references examine juvenile crime and school violence issues briefly.