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    Issues that impact youth in school

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    Choose a current issue that impacts the youth in schools. Discuss the aetiology of this issue along with prevention strategies that address each component of this particular risk factor.

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    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are being asked to propose an issue that impacts youths in schools, frame the issue and do so in terms of prevention. I suggest the issue of youth violence or youth crime. I suggest using this simple outline:

    1. Issue - Intro, 150 words
    2. Etiology - 100 words
    3. Current iteration - 150 words
    4. Risk Factors - 100 words
    5. Prevention strategies - 150 words

    Youth Issue: Youth Violence

    Schools are supposed to be a haven of learning of not only academic skills but social and cultural faculties so that the formation of the child towards becoming a healthy, well-rounded individual is safeguarded. But schools, as social systems, secondary groups and social institutions are sites of social dynamics so that the children and individuals who study or are a part of a school organization are subjected to a series of issues that can undermine the positive role that schools are supposed to play as places of learning and employment. Among those issues confronted is the risk of crime, bullying, abuse and violence in schools. What with the unfortunate tragedy of such horrific events as the 2013 Sandy Hook Massacre and the suicide of some victimized kids due to real-life bullying and cyber bullying, youth abuse and violence inflicted upon each other is of grave concern.


    I would like to 'classify' youth victimization of fellow youths as an issue. The manner by which aggressors victimize other youths differ but it all follows the notion that the morality, standards, behavioral and ethical control of such youths and the schools they go into as suspect. While certainly their socialization - parenting, home life, environment - can be pointed out as key factors in the development of their problematic personalities (and emotional and behavioral problems), the causes for their offending ...

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    The issues that impact youth in schools are discussed. The components of the particular risk factors are given.