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    Youth Sexual Identity

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    I need help in discussing issues centering on sexual identity that may cause crisis issues with the youth of today. I need some thoughts or ideas on discussing the non-mainstream lifestyles and how to give this population support and guidance as they discover themselves and their sexual identity. In addition, I also need to be able to discuss the risk factors associated with this identity issue and describe the phases teens go through as they discover who they are and how they feel about their sexuality.

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    On Youth Sexual Identity

    Sexual Identity, according to Grollman (2010), "people adopt a sexual identity that matches their sexual orientation: most heterosexually-oriented people identify as "heterosexual" or "straight", most homosexually-oriented people identify as "lesbian" or "gay." However, there is a sizable number of people for whom sexual orientation does not coincide with their sexual identity. We can define sexual identity as the label that people adopt to signify to others who they are as a sexual being, particularly regarding sexual orientation." The adolescent stage is one of confusion and rebellion as the transition from childhood to adulthood brings a host of changes including physical, psychological and sexual. At this stage, the youth seeks for sexual and occupational markers so as to determine his or her role which would help ...

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