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Teen Risky Sexual Behavior

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I need some thoughts or suggestions regarding sexual risk behaviors for adolescents. Discuss patterns, consequences, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, associated issues, high-risk populations, and various programs that can impact this phase of life transition. What information must be shared with the youth of today before they begin sexual activity and why is that important?

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Teen Sexual Risk Behaviors

According to Erikson (McLeod, 2013), "During adolescence (age 12 to 18 yrs), the transition from childhood to adulthood is most important...This is a major stage in development where the child has to learn the roles he will occupy as an adult. It is during this stage that the adolescent will re-examine his identity and try to find out exactly who he or she is." The identities under examination are the sexual and occupational identities to explore what the individual wants to do and to be (career, social identity, sexual roles). At this stage, the body image is also influenced by the surge of physical changes in the body that leads to the transformation from being a child to a young adult. With hormones and sexual needs emerging, the confusion and amalgamation of desires, new ideas and individual struggles can lead the teen to risky sexual behaviors furthered along by the environment and the models available to the teen ...

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