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    Teen Sexual Behavior: Assault & Trauma

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    I need some thoughts about discussing the various types of sexual assault that could occur with children and adolescents and what particular risk behaviors could be associated with each of these traumas? What would you suggest would be some intervention strategies to use to prevent these types of situations? What would be some suggestions of what each community can do to support the youth of today getting the help, education, and support that they need with regard to these issues?

    As you think about the various scenarios, describe which would pose the most difficulty for you in your work. Why? How would you go about helping in this situation despite your discomfort? What other resources or support personnel would you use and why would you include those?

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    Teen Sexual Behaviors: Assault & Trauma

    According to Coleman and Pitre (2009), "Some teens are victims of violence in their personal relationships. Dating violence can be a single incident or a pattern of behaviour used by one person to get control over the other. Wanting and taking control is no accident: it is done on purpose and it hurts the other person." In a guide put together for Canada's Justice Department (2009), Coleman and Pitre clarified to its intended audience (teens) what healthy relationships are about, what constitutes dating violence, sexual assault and abuse, date rape, among others. While primarily written for teens, the message is clear - among teens, while dating is normal, there are instances that lead to exacerbation of behavior in themselves (when they take risks) or among partners that can take advantage of their trust leading victimization and in some cases, very tragic outcomes (i.e. rape, sexual assault and murder). Exploring one's sexuality and venturing into romantic relationships at adolescence is an essential part of human development but the risks teens take due to their developmental lack can lead not just to transmission of STDs but can also lead to HIV, teen pregnancy and sexual abuse. According to Szalavitz (2012), "teens tend to wildly overestimate certain risks — of things like unprotected sex and drug use — not to lowball them as one would predict. So, it may be that teens' notorious risk-taking behavior stems ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise of tackling the task (see above) on the topic of teen sexual risky behaviors and the impact of and prevention of sexual assault and abuse. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.