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    Research for Adolescent Behavior Issues and Parental Strategies

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    This posting simulates an audience of parents who may not understand the issues adolescents are dealing with at home and school. It provides strategies for supporting these students, a suggested plan for creating a supportive environment for the students, and 2-3 strategies for working with adolescents with behavior issues.

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    As you briefly demonstrate your knowledge of adolescent behavior issues and strategies for supporting these students and provide a suggested plan for creating a supportive environment for the students, this article is helpful:

    Aronowitz, T., & Eche, I. (2013). Parenting Strategies African American Mothers Employ to Decrease Sexual Risk Behaviors in Their Early Adolescent Daughters. Public Health Nursing, 30(4), 279-287.

    The authors insist that parenting strategies can greatly impact adolescents' behaviors to decrease risky sexual activities, with the long-term goal of HIV prevention, particularly among African American female teens.

    For example, one suggested strategy to teach parents is limit setting. In the article, "Girls expressed their belief in the influence of mother's limit setting on their behavior. One girl stated it this way: "It's really the mother's fault
    [that a girl had a baby]...she shouldn't be letting her have sex." They believed ...

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    This solution offers ideas to lead a student toward creating a project or paper about adolescent behaviorial issues and parental strategies.