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How race and culture affects teens

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Discuss theory and/or research related to adolescent morality. How does it apply to the adolescents of today, or, more specifically, to someone you know? Use specific examples where possible. Analyze the impact of adolescent ethnic culture on development. Be sure to use information from the articles you found for this unit.

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Research is offered to portray how race and culture affect teens.

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In terms of ethnic development, my 13 years of work with teens demonstrated how race and culture affect teens. Many were influenced morally by their faith, such as Hispanics with Catholicism, to act or not act in a certain way. Many members of minority races felt lower self esteems due to discrimination from white students, hindering their social development.

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As you discuss theory and research related to adolescent morality, this article is super:

White, F. A., & Matawie, K. M. (2004). Parental Morality and Family Processes as Predictors of Adolescent Morality. Journal Of Child & Family Studies, 13(2), 219-233.

The authors reveal that teens' morality is definitely related to their parents' moral thoughts. Social learning theory is correlated, and they emphasize the role of how "family processes are involved in the socialization of adolescent moral thought. Olson et al's (1992) Circumplex Model and White's (2000) Family Socialization Model provided the conceptual framework for ...

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