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New Mexico DWI Pathology

Many deaths occur on the roadways that involve teens and drinking. Select a U.S. state (New Mexico), and research the number of deaths involving teens and alcohol on the roadways for the past 5 years in that state. Provided are some statistics for that state such as the number of teens and a breakdown by gender and race (depending on other data available). Comparison is made with other transportation deaths involving alcohol along with statistics for gender, age, race over the past five (5) years of those statistics which are available. Restrictions and programs are provided to prevent these highway deaths.

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A driver involved in a motor vehicle crash is considered alcohol-impaired if he or she exhibits a BAC of .08 or greater.

"In New Mexico, the percentage of fatalities that were alcohol related peaked in 1988 with 68% of all traffic deaths, and reached the lowest level in 2006, with 32%. The actual number of alcohol-related deaths peaked in 1982 with 375, and the lowest number was reported in 2008, with 118. The overall trend is down for both the percentage and the actual number of alcohol related fatalities." The following chart provides the statistics for the number of deaths related to teen age driving while intoxicated or under the influence for the years 2004 through 2008 - the most recent statistics available.

Year Total Fatalities Alcohol Related Percent .08 + Percent
2008 366 118 32 105 29
2007 413 152 37 133 32
2006 484 155 32 136 ...

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Driving while intoxicated is discussed using statistics from New Mexico DOT, along with programs for prevention.