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Cyberbullying research

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Draw from both articles and discuss the issue of bullying in school and other contexts (for example, internet or technology bullying). Take into account how adolescent development theories to explore possible solutions to the problem.

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As you find one article on bullying and discuss the issue of bullying in other contexts, I found a great one for you:

Schneider, S., O'Donnell, L., Stueve, A., & Coulter, R. S. (2012). Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Psychological Distress: A Regional Census of High School Students. American Journal Of Public Health, 102(1), 171-177.

During the fall of 2008, the author examined ninth- through twelfth-grade students in Massachusetts to examine their "bullying victimization and psychological distress, including depressive symptoms, self-injury, and suicidality" (171). The study revealed how "A total of 15.8% of students reported cyberbullying and 25.9% reported school bullying in the past 12 months. A majority (59.7%) of cyberbullying ...

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Cyberbullying research is briefly presented and referenced.