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    Quantitative Research Methods on Cyberbullying Studies

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    Please explain the potential advantages and disadvantages of quantitative research methodology for cyberbullying

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    According to Smith, P., Cyberbullying "fits on the continuum of human cruelty and assault, where it could take off next, how it spreads like an epidemic for which there appears to be no viable remedy as it morphs and mutates." Its impact in the wider world of which we are all a part of signifies a challenge in terms of how it can be reported, dissected, and known so that it can be thwarted.
    In a study about cyberbullying conducted to students enrolled in a first year course, mixed methods were applied to the study. The researchers were able to provide quantitative data through the questionnaires while a focus group provided information that can be used for qualitative analysis. It is essential that a mixed approach to research be done on studies that are related to cyberbullying.
    Smith, et al. have argued for "the need to correct foundational issues of much of the quantitative research on cyberbullying." In their studies, they have discovered that the results between studies that use the same instruments revealed no definition of cyberbullying when placed under direct observation and scrutiny. In the end, they have suggested to tighten things up first by providing a universally-accepted definition of the term 'cyberbullying.' The agreement will include the constitutes ...

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