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    Developmental/social issue impacting secondary education

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    Conduct an Internet or Library search for an article on a developmental/social issue impacting secondary students. Prepare an outline of a summary of the article.

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    As you select a topic, my teen students seem to be facing more cyberbullying than ever before. As you choose an article, you might use the one at http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5593966/psychological_impacts_of_cyberbullying.html?cat=5 for starters.

    As you summarize this research, high profile media cases have placed this topic into mainstream news. However, the number of cyberbullying cases is increasing globally among teens. For example, you might add how Finnish researchers "surveyed almost 2,500 teenagers and more than seven percent said that they have bullied other teenagers online at least ...

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    Developmental/social issues impacting secondary education is briefly researched in this solution.