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    Mental Health Policies Impacting Children

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    Select at least one mental health policy or piece of legislation passed within the last few years that is relevant today. Discuss the overall impact of this policy or legislation on child or adolescent domains of development.

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    Bullying in the school has become a serious problem in the school environment. A number of state legislatures have proposed laws requiring schools to have anti-bullying policies. In addition, federal legislation has been proposed to adopt national legislation on bullying. "Bullying often refers to verbal, physical, or other acts committee by students to harass, intimidate, or cause harm to another student. The behaviors attributed to bullying may include: (a) verbal threats, (b) menacing behavior, (c) harassment, (d) intimidation, (e) violent assaults, (f) disruption of the school environment and associated disorderly conduct, (g) and other related behaviors. (Bully and anti-bullying legislation).

    Although, schools have certain disciplinary policies to address bullying, these policies do not include the word "bullying" in some schools. As Rivers and Noret (2010) point out, bullying is an important issue which adversely impacts school safety. However, there are many other issues in which bullying contributes to interpersonal conflicts, violence, and crime in our schools related to bullying as well. Efforts have been made to develop rules and sanctions against bullying in school settings; however, bullying practices have continued. In addition, Rivers and ...

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    The expert examines mental health policies impacting children. The overall impact of this policy or legislation on child or adolescent domains of development is determined.