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Adolescent Depression and Policy

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Speak to adolescent depression in relation to policy or current legislation proposals.

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An adolescent depression and policy are examined.

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Depression is a disorder of mood, and is symptomatic of feelings which suggest that a person had a bad day. For example, in a report on teen depression, it is emphasized that it is not unusual for adolescents to experience "the blues" or occasionally be down in the dumps. As the report indicates, adolescents have to deal with a number. Adolescence is always an unsettling time, with the many physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that accompany this stage of life (Santrock, 2006). Developmental issues that accompany the stage of life (e.g. puberty) may contribute to stress and anxiety. These emotional times for adolescents include unrealistic academic, social and/or family expectations that can lead to feelings of isolation, failure, and frustrations. In addition, they may experience mental health problems that are influenced by a variety of risk factors including, substance abuse, suicide ideation, sexually inappropriate behavior that can lead to more severe emotional problems and/or depression.

As characterized in the Diagnostic and ...

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