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Suicide and Homosexuality in Adolescence

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Discuss the potential suicide risk for adolescent homosexuals.

What factors may make adolescent homosexual more or less likely to attempt suicide than other groups such as adolescent Hispanics, or adolescent students or adolescent child with learning disabilities)?

What support can be given to individuals and/or groups to decrease suicide attempts?

Rely on scholarly research findings to answer these questions and cite your source using APA format

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Suicide and homosexuality in adolescence is examined.

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There are many factors influencing the rate of attempted suicide among adolescent homosexuals. Depression, substance abuse, and victimization are among some of the common factors (Russell & Joyner, 2001). Depression may come from a variety of sources, exclusion from social groups, confusion related to orientation and sex roles, fear of disclosure to peers about orientation, and possible lack of social interaction due to being perceived as different by others. Substance abuse is often a means of self-medicating for those who suffer from depression. With fear of disclosure an adolescent may be afraid to confide in a parent, counselor, or someone who can listen objectively and provide sound advice in a non-judgmental manner. A counselor may be able to prescribe medications ...

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