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Psychiatric disorders caused by adolescent drug abuse

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Name some psychiatric disorders that may occur with chemical abuse in adolescence and the syndromes that may come along with it. What may be the combined impact of this abuse with the syndromes that it may display?

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Adolescents who abuse drugs are more likely than their non-drug abusing peers to develop a psychiatric disorder or deal with other problems such as pregnancy, violent relationships or even suicide. Substance abuse programs for adolescents contain approximately 80% of teens that have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder (Solhkhah, 2006-2012).

Hill (2009) defines the following as the most common psychiatric disorders and syndromes adolescent drug abusers have developed:

Depression syndromes include irritable or sad "mood", disinterest in activities that used to be important, change in sleep patterns, loss of appetite, decreased energy and slower body movements, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, suicidal thoughts.

Conduct ...

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This solution contains over 350 words including references on adolescent chemical use and the psychiatric disorders that may occur due to chemical abuse. Includes examples and definitions of different psychiatric disorders that could develop.

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