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    Children Crossdressing and Gender Appropriate Behaviors

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    This solution offers help on conceptualizing these key ideas on gender appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in children:
    Should boys be able to dress as girls? It has been noted that a 5 year old boy enjoys things for girls, such as, jewelry, pink, and dresses. This was supported by his mother. On the flip side, girls who shun girly things and favor more boy things such as, playing sports or choose boys as friends and possibly label themselves as tomboys.
    Is this this type of behavior indicative of homosexuality?
    Are there psychological consequences to this behavior
    Are these children exhibiting paraphilia?
    Is there an intervention necessary for this behavior?

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    First of all, as you briefly is this this type of behavior indicative of homosexuality, I do not deem it was 100% aligned with homosexual urges. Many kids naturally explore opposing gender roles. Because in order for a child to receive the (GID) Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis, the child must exhibit at least four of the following:
    • repeated stated desire to be of the opposite sex
    • in boys a preference for cross-dressing or simulating female attire and, in girls, wearing stereotypical masculine clothing with a rejection of feminine clothing such as skirts
    • strong and persistent preferences for cross-sex role in play
    • strong preference for playmates of the opposite sex
    • intense desire to participate in games and pastimes of the opposite sex. ...

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