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    1. If you had to summarize in ordinary language the concept of "gender as structure," what would you say? (How would you explain "gender as a social institution" to a relative or a friend?)

    2. How would you demonstrate the different significance gender categories have for the individual and for society? (Hint: It may help to discuss "sameness" and "difference.")

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    Gender as structure is how most societies base their perceptions on the abilities and norms of the genders. As a social institution, the gender issues help divide the appropriate tasks and jobs, the lifestyles and behaviors of people. Women are expected to do this norm (be a good mother, want children, bake, sew) and when they do not or they deviate from that norm, then we can categorize them as inadequate. The same is true for men. We expect in our society they will be the provider, work on cars, build the patio, BBQ, and when they are not talented or interested in these areas, they are lacking in gender norm. This translates to business in ...

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    The solution provides a discussion that answers and discusses the questions listed (see above) in relation to gender.