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Gender, Gender-Stereotyping and Gender Fluidity

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How does gender color one's perspective on the world and relation to society? How are gender and gender-stereotypes perpetuated by schools? What do you think about gender-fluidity?

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Gender colors one's perspective on the world and society in many different ways. For example, in most settings women possess lower levels of power and influence than men, and this directly affects a persons view of the world. If you were a woman, and you worked in a setting where you were able to see the inequalities that exist between your level of influence and power, how would you feel about society and the world? Many people may use this as a motivator to work toward lessening this gender gap, while others will see it as an insurmountable hurdle that prevents them from truly reaching their goals or dreams.

For more information on gender and its social influence, you can read this really great article from Wellesley College ...

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Gender, gender-stereotyping and gender fluidity are examined. The expert determines how gender color one's perspective on the world and relation to society.