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This scenario is assessed:

You are coaching an Under-8's Soccer team. There are six boys and 2 girls. This is the first season for both the girls and one of the boy's Jason. The other boys have played between one and 3 years. The girls and Jason are less skilled and do not know the rules of the game. All the boys, including Jason, are always picking on the girls eventhough the coach tends to verbally reprimand the boys, she still laughs when the cooments are thrown at the girls, like 'you play like girls' and what's wrong with you can't you handle this?' What would you differently? what actions would you suggest?

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First, please note that the coach is not using sports psychological recommendations for dealing with issues related to young athletes' differences in maturation, cultural background, gender, and physical and mental abilities. Since developmental characteristics are identified for youth in early, middle, and late adolescence, the coach must do a better job in understanding and accommodating for physical, emotional, social, gender, and maturational differences in young athletes.

The coach must stop using ...

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Help with a youth coaching question is examined. How a coach tends to verbally reprimand the boys is determined.