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    Locate two law review articles relevant to a topic of interest. For practice finding law review articles, locate the following article in Lexis and provide a synopsis of the article, as well as its proper Legal Bluebook citation for this week's written assignment.

    Locate: "Toward Real Workplace Equality: Nonsubordination and Title VII Sex Stereotyping Jurisprudence," located at 23 Wis. J.L. Gender & Soc'y 41.

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    Goodsell, Erin, Toward Real Workplace Equality: Non-subordination and Title VII Sex-Sterotyping Jurisprudence, 23 Wis. J.L. Gender & Soc'y 41 (2008).

    The author proposes a new approach to nondiscrimination in the work place when it comes to homosexuals, transsexuals, and ...

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