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    Direction: Two small paragraphs...

    1. Find an article online relating to a consumer or environmental legal issue or real estate or land use policy.
    2. Summarize the article in your post in 1 paragraph.
    3. Then, in one tell us how you responded to this article, what your opinion is about this article, and/or any further questions that this article brought up for you.

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    Here is a great short article I found online at http://blog.aklandlaw.com/2009/07/articles/real-estate/california-appeals-court-says-no-judicial-review-of-cog-rhna-allocations/#more

    "California Appeals Court Says No Judicial Review of COG RHNA Allocations
    Posted on July 7, 2009 by Abbott & Kindermann
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    PrintBy Katherine Hart

    In the recent case of City of Irvine v. Southern California Association of Governments, the City of Irvine ("City") sued the Southern California Association of Governments ("SCAG") for allocating almost 43 percent of Orange County's regional housing needs to the City. SCAG is charged with developing a regional housing need assessment ("RHNA") for cities within its jurisdiction. SCAG delegated to the Orange County Council of Governments the responsibility for providing the data to be used by SCAG in applying the methodology used to determine the allocation of housing units to jurisdictions within Orange County.

    SCAG adopted a RHNA methodology and issued a draft regional housing need allocation plan in February 2007, which allotted 35,000+ residential units (or 43 percent of Orange County's entire housing need) to the City of Irvine. At the hearing to adopt the Final Allocation Plan ("FAP"), the City objected verbally and in writing to the excessive units assigned to it under the FAP. ...

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