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Review of debtor-creditor articles

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Debtor-Creditor Relationships.

Using the Internet, locate an article specifically related to debtor-creditor relationships. Prepare 400-650-Word review of the article. Be sure to properly cite and reference the article in your review. Be sure to properly cite and reference the article in your review. Be prepared to discuss your review in class.


1. Article Synopsis
2. Legal Issue
3. Managerial Perspective

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Here are some suggestions for your review. You will of course need to list the article in the reference section of the paper. If you use APA formatting it would appear as:

Howe, Horace A. (2004) Probate collections?managing for the "two-minute drill": part 2: understanding the legal playing field. The RMA Journal.

This article presents a detailed overview of how the death of a debtor can affect the collections process. Because of the many cutoff dates and filing deadlines involved, the author likens the process to a game where the rules are constantly changing without the players' knowledge, or the "two-minute drill."

The article begins with an explanation of applicable Federal laws. For example, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) continues to apply even when the debtor is deceased. In addition, state FDCPAs can also apply. Federal bankruptcy law trumps all state probate laws. It creates a separate estate for the purposes of ...

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