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Research an ethical issue: Impact does it have on business

Identify and research an ethical issue.

Why did you select the issue?
What is the research background on the issue?
What impact does it have on the business environment and stakeholders?
How are businesses successfully resolving the issue? Provide examples.

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Ethical Issues: Gender discrimination

In the business environment issues arise as the personnel undertake their operations. Ethical issues are bound to arise in the business setting as organizations are facing a lot of pressure from external sources to improve their ethical conduct in the corporation at all levels inclusive of the management body. It is paramount to note that the maintaining of ethical conducts in the organization yields the following advantages: the demand rates of the products of the company will rise due to positive consumer support from the target market. This will generate high revenues for the organization. The brand of the corporation will be improved due to the business awareness and recognition that will be obtained in the corporation through the act of being ethical. The motivation levels of the employees will be better and new sources of the finance in the company will emerge due to the presence of ethical investors who hold the operations of the company to be valuable (Zeske, 2012).

One of the major ethical issues that have been experienced in diverse organizations is gender discrimination. This occurs when employment decisions that are made in the organization are based on the gender of the employee. The presence of this ethical issue in the corporation causes the employee to be treated separately due to their gender. A good example in point is when the employers refuse to employ an overqualified woman just because she might be having child care issues. Gender discrimination in the organization can arise some levels of sexism in the interaction between the personnel. Through gender discrimination a male employee will regard the other as being inferior due to the negative attitude they hold towards them. A clear example of a sexism situation in the organization is when a man tells a woman in the same department that they are too emotional to handle certain tasks in the organization.

Sexual harassment is also another element of gender discrimination where there is the presence of unwelcome behavior that is sexual in nature towards a person of the opposite gender. This will occur in a verbal nature of interaction of the nonverbal mode of interaction between the personnel in the organization. Unwelcome sexual favors from the employers in the management body to the employees is termed as sexual discrimination founded on gender discrimination (Cohen, 2012).

Reasons for Selecting This Ethical issue: Negative Implications:

In the modern business realm, there ...

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