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Economic Policies Impacting Domains of Development

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Examine how at least two economic policies or issues impact child or adolescent domains of development (academic cognitive, emotional, social). Respond to the discussion question using at least one reputable media source.

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(1) Economic Policy on Socio-emotional health (Sexual Abstinence)

Adolescence is a critical period in the human lifecycle, a time of rapid physical and socio-emotional growth and a time when individuals establish lifestyle habits and health behaviors that often endure into and have lasting effects in adulthood. Adolescent health promotion programs can play a critical role in helping youth establish healthy lifestyles. One program that has been stated to have had a positive impact on adolescent social-emotional condition has been school-based sexual health services. For example, was evidence to show reductions in births among teenage others and in Chlamydia infection rates among young men as well (Owen, Carroll, Cooke, Formby, Hayter, & Hirst, 2010). Focused on aspects of human sexuality [Section 510 of the 1996 Social Security Act] abstinence education programs such as the Adolescent Family Act (AFLA) were expanded under Section 510 as a part of welfare reform and community-based education projects that emerged in 2000. The program prohibited disseminating information on contraceptive services, sexual orientation and gender identity (Santelli, Ott, Lyon, Rogers, Suers, & Schleifer, 2006).

The research presented indicates support for education about contraception and for access to contraception for sexually-active adolescents. The AFLA has had major federal support for adherence to the program. Reviews on comprehensive sexuality education programs are stated to demonstrate effectively promoted abstinence and other protective behavior (Santelli et al., 2006). Among the programs ...

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