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    Future Trends in Counselor Assessments

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    Give a brief description of the trend or direction on the way counselors administer, score, and interpret assessments. Explain the considerations and challenges for the use of assessment in that area. Be specific, and provide examples to justify your response. Also, find a journal article on the future trend or direction on the way counselors administer, score, and interpret assessments.

    Please cite the journal article you selected to support the response.

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    Future Trends and Directions

    One of the challenges that counselors face is in working with diverse populations. Thus, one trend in counseling to take place has been in counseling and assessing specific populations. Zosuls, Miller, Faith Ruble, Martin & Fabes (2011) examined the developmental trend in the field of research on gender development and assessment. They assert that factors such as biological arguments have been advanced in the literature to justify gender inequality. However, these methods and theories have been used to address biological mechanisms, socialization and cognitive approaches to gender differences.Thus, Zosuls et al. provide a descriptive assessment on gender development utilizing constructs such as sex roles, stereotypes, and gender identity to link these assessments to general trends that have occurred in the study of gender development in the past. The Zosuls et al. study showed that ...

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    This solution provides a brief description of the trends in counseling assement, and explains the challenges counselors may face in the process of assessment.