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    Category: Economics > Macroeconomics
    Subject: economic rationale and anlaysis
    Details: Write concise well-reasoned paragraphs using economic rationale and analysis:

    (a) Discuss two benefits to the New Zealand economy due to the export education industry. (One paragraph, max 100 words).

    (b) Discuss two factors impacting on the size of the labour force in New Zealand. (One paragraph, max 100 words).

    (c) You are adviser to a less developed nation, what two policies would you suggest to encoiurage growth and development? Discuss why you have chosen what you have. (One paragraph, max 100 words).

    (d) Can New Zealand have zero unemployment? Give two reasons for your answer. (One paragraph, max 100 words).

    (e) Discuss the relationship between the OCR and the floating mortgage interest rate. Are they the same? (One paragraph, max 100 words).

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