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Issues of Self-Identity

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Please help with discussing the issues of self identity and sexual meaning in the study's participants.

See the following article: Thompson, E. M., & Morgan, E. M. (2008). " Mostly straight" young women: variations in sexual behavior and identity development. Developmental psychology, 44(1), 15.

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Sexual orientation is described as reflecting the "diversity of sexual, affectional and erotic attractions and love toward persons of the same gender, other gender, or both gender: (Garnett, 2002), p. 16). The conceptualization of sexual orientation and sexual identity is stated to be different. While sexual orientation usually refers to behavioral characteristics; sexual identity is conceptualized as recognition acceptance, and identification with one's sexual preference. Self-identity usually refers to one's self as an ascribed identity. Recent research suggests that determinants of sexual orientation are due to many influences, and no single factor can be attributed to whether a person will have been heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality tendencies.

In their study, Thompson and Morgan (2008), suggest that studies of women's ...

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This solution provides an article review focused on issues of self-identity.

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