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    Physical Education

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    Identify research articles that pertaining to at least two issues that impact quality of Physical Education in either a positive or negative way.

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    A) Research on Social Issues in Elementary School Physical Education. By: Solmon, Melinda A.; Lee, Amelia M. Elementary School Journal. Jan2008, Vol. 108 Issue 3, p229-239. 11p.

    Abstract: The social and cultural norms children learn in schools can have a powerful effect on a variety of lifestyle decisions that will affect their physical and mental health. In this article we examine research on social issues in elementary school physical education. We provide an overview of how teachers' actions and behaviors affect what children learn in the social context of the gymnasium and, particularly, what they learn about engaging in physical activity. We examine how motor ability, gender, race, ethnicity, and social class influence socialization in physical education and affect children's choices about engaging actively in learning activities. The theoretical constructs of self-schema and the hidden curriculum are used to illustrate how school experiences interact with what children view as possible for themselves, and how implicit messages enhance or constrain children's involvement in ...

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    The expert examines physical education. The impact of quality of physical education is determined.