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    Serving Students with Physical or Health Impairments

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    What are the responsibilities and experiences needed by special educators who serve student with physical or health impairments? What is the significance of motor development, specifically the difference between typical and atypical motor development of a child with the special needs? What is the impact of physical and health impairments on the education of students with this disability?

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    One of the responsibilities that is needed by the special educators who serve students with physical or health impairments, is the responsibility of this special educator to ensure that they have the level of education that is needed to effectively serve the students, which means that it is the ex-press responsibility of the educators to obtain the pertinent certifications and other credentials that are commensurate with serving students with health impairments. It is also very important that these special educators ensure that they have gained pertinent experiences by observing highly experienced educators working with students with ...