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Effects of Impairments on Education of Special Needs Students

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What are the learning and behavioral characteristics and special needs of students with physical, sensory, and health impairments? What are the roles of professionals who meet their needs? Analyze the educational impact of those impairments?

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There will be some similarities in the learning and behavioral characteristics of each of these subgroups, but there will also be very big differences in the three. When answering this question you need to make sure you distinguish among the three because they are very different and have unique characteristics. Many of these students will be taught in the same classroom because of the nature of the disability and the low incidence rates. In other words, it would be highly unlikely for a school district to have enough students to have an entire class with sensory impairments. Physical impairments include such conditions as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, amputations or limb absences, and muscular ...

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This solution discusses various impairments of special needs children and how these impairments may affect their education. The solution contains 404 words and a reference.

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