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    Working with individuals with disabilities

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    What are some examples of working with an individual with a physical disability, other health impairment, or severe sensory disorder in either a school or other vocational setting. Please give me a few examples.

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    Personal Examples:
    1.There is a kindergarten age student who can only eat via a feeding tube. This means during specific times of the day she must be excused from class. The nurse must do the feeding tube and even pretends a flavor with her to help her enjoy the situation. Accommodations are made for this student to make her feel more comfortable.

    2. Another student named Rebecca is 6 years old in the first grade. She comes to school each day eager and excited to learn, but must use a clipboard to bare down on and takes extra time to write the simplest words or sentences. She has arthritis at a very young age. Extra time is given to her, as well as oral ...

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    Working with individuals with disabilities is exemplified.