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    Special Populations/Assessment

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    Describe the "Interpretation of Test Results" section of the Responsibilities of Users of Standardized Tests (RUST) on individuals with disabilities. Explain how this section of RUST would inform the administration of scoring and/or interpretation of assessments when working with this special population?

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    (a) Responsibilities of users of tests for special populations

    The standards for individual with disabilities focus on the responsibility for those who use and administer tests to individuals in various settings, and who have some form of obstacle or handicap. The tests are aimed at special populations, and those who have been diagnosed with a mental or physical disability (Standards for educational and psychological testing (AERA), p. 101). A special population is a group of individuals involved in a specific research setting in which many of the issues concerning a patient population increase for special populations in terms of protection (Ferraro,, Orvedad, & Plaud,1 996). For instance, ...

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    Ths solution describes tstandards for assessment on individuals with disabilities.