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    Psychometrics: Special Populations and Assessments

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    Select a population of interest to you (for example, individuals with eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, autism-spectrum disorders, etc.). Please select a special population that is not only based on a diagnosis (such as Major Depressive Disorder) but also requires some unique considerations (such as individuals in the geriatric population with depressive symptoms, or adults with ADHD symptoms).

    Include a description of the population and a discussion of at least two instruments used to assess the condition.
    List at least three issues that examiners should remember when testing such individuals. Include sources from professional books or peer-reviewed journal articles.

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    Please find 700+words of notes related to eating disorders, the assessment thereof, and possible treatments:

    Special populations, by their very definition, need special attention given to their needs. Consider eating disorders. Long viewed as a desperate cry for help given by teenage girls, we now understand that there is much more to this disorder than first meets the yet. The first thing to keep in mind is that eating disorders are serous conditions and can be potentially life threatening if not properly diagnosed and treated. In addition, this particular special population in they sense that the disorder results from both physical and emotional turmoil, so both the mind and body must be assessed. It is important to properly test such individuals to determine if they have a disorder, what is the root cause behind it (as everyone differs to some degree in terms of why they have developed the disorder), and propose an effective treatment plan.

    Eating disorders are generally considered to affect individuals that have become some preoccupied with food and the effect that is has on weight that they can focus on little to nothing else. Helping professionals that are tasked with assessing individuals that are suspected of an eating ...

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