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survey of special populations - education

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The word count is 150 -200 per question

1. How does a teacher facilitate academic achievement of students from diverse racial, gender, cultural, ability, and social-class groups?

2. How do parents or guardians influence education of special needs students and changes in public policy and law?

The responses need to be related to the course topics for the week (course topics for this week: Define educational equity; Assess inequities in classrooms and schools; Compare and contrast personal and societal attitudes toward diversity) and at least one of the following:
· include new ideas
· provide personal perspectives
· use examples
· ask follow-up questions

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The survey of special populations are examined for educations.

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The teacher facilitates academic achievement of all students by using materials and activities that are free from cultural, racial, and gender bias. This means refraining from using any particular language style that is more identifiable with one culture than others. For instance, slang should be avoided and any slang terminology should be eliminated. Any activities that includes a description of an action and involves a specific individual should be one that all learners can relate to, in terms of class, ethnicity, gender, and race. For example, if a lesson describes children playing a game the children depicted should be of different races and genders. ...

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