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    NCLB teacher accountability with disadvantaged students

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    NCLB addresses the need for teachers to be accountable for the achievement of students including children with disabilities, low-income students and ELL.

    Is this a realistic goal? What changes could be made to increase its effectiveness in meeting these goals?

    Please provide resources that may be used to further my explanation.

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    Federal legislation NCLB, enacted in 2001, mandates a lot of requirements for teachers. Most of these are actually not detrimental, in that they impose accountability standards upon teachers that are reasonable, with a few exceptions. The exceptions that you mention in your posting include some of the accountability mandates that are not reasonable. Holding regular classroom teachers accountable for the academic achievement of the full range of students in their classrooms is not reasonable, especially considering that there are other teachers and employees in the schools especially hired and especially responsible for the education of those particular populations of students, besides the regular education teachers.

    Special education teachers are especially hired and paid to manage the education of the children with identified special needs who are assigned to their caseloads. These teachers advise the regular education classroom teachers what modifications are recommended, and required, for these special needs students. These modifications are specified in a document called an Individual Educational Plan, or an IEP, and regular teachers cannot by law deviate from these specifications. It is not reasonable to hold the regular education teacher solely accountable for these students when they are not entirely in control of their education in the first place. ...

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    Discussion of the impact of NCLB legislation on teacher accountability with disadvantaged student populations, especially low-income, students with special needs and English-as-a-second-language learners, with references.