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Educational Psychology and Education Policy

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I need help with describing and explaining of an educational policy (i.e. Pell Grant Program, No Child Left Behind, and Higher Education ACT (HEA) Title II) and how it might affect the role of future educational psychology professionals. Also, how one might change or add to the policy to improve its effectiveness.

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Discussed how the No Child Left Behind Act affects the role of future professionals in the educational psychology field. It also discusses how a person can change the policy and how it would affect the effectiveness of the policy.

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The NCLB Act would strengthen the Title I accountability of states by being required to implement accountability systems covering all public schools and students in the state (1). In general, the plan would require any state desiring to receive a grant to submit a plan to the Secretary of State demonstrating that the academic achievement standards in reading, math and beginning in 2005 Science would be used by the state (2). These academic standards would offer challenging and rigorous academic content that would encourage the teaching of advanced skills in an attempt to raise scores of children who previously scored low on national testing (3). This plan would also hold each state accountable to ensure that all local educational agencies, public elementary schools, and public secondary schools maintain adequate yearly progress reports measuring the achievements of (2):

(a) students with disabilities;
(b) economically disadvantaged students;
(c) students with limited English proficiency; and
(d) students from major racial and ethnic groups.

Each state was to create a timeline to ensure that no later than the 2013-2014 school year that all students will either meet or exceed the state's proficient level of academic ...

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