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Benchmark Assessment

What is a benchmark and what purpose does it serve? How much testing is too much testing? Should districts rather than classroom teachers be preparing and requiring assessments? What if a teacher wants to plan their curriculum not in alignment with the district benchmarks? Should that be allowed?

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Benchmark assessment according to http://www.sdst.org/documents/Regular%20Education%20assessment%20definitions.pdf
are designed to provide feedback to both the teacher and the student about how the student is progressing towards demonstrating proficiency on grade level standards. Well-designed benchmark assessments and standards-based assessments (see below) measure the degree to which students have mastered a given concept; measure concepts, skills, and/or applications; are reported by referencing the standards, not other students' performance; serve as a test to which teachers want to teach; measure performance regularly, not only at a single moment in time (PDE/SAS 2009)

In other words, benchmark assessments are short tests or quizzes that are given throughout the school year that give teachers immediate feedback on how a student is doing and whether they are meeting academic standards.

There are different forms of benchmark assessment. According to http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/5317, there are different types of assessment. There are Standardized Benchmark Assessments which:
- are given periodically, from three times a year to as often as once a month;
- focus on reading and mathematics skills, taking about an hour per subject;
- reflect state or district academic-content standards; and
- measure students' progress through the curriculum and/or on material in state exams.

and there are teacher-developed benchmark assessments. Both allow teachers to fine tune their teaching based on the results of the tests and "can support students and teachers in identifying ...

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