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Research Test

Problem Statement

The problem is that some teachers in inclusive regular education classrooms are failing to evaluate the efficacy of their lesson plansâ?? differentiated instruction (DI) of content, process, and product to meet their special populations groupsâ?? diverse learning needs appropriately; therefore, they are not synthesizing or implementing these DI measures in their lessons adequately or appropriately enough to receive a passing score on the Differentiated Classroom Observation Scale (DCOS; Cassady et al., 2004) during classroom observations.

Which of the following three test might be applicable for the above study? Please be specific and use examples.

a. z-test.
b. a t-test.
c. a Chi-square analysis

Solution Preview

A Chi-square analysis is used to test hypotheses. For the problem mentioned in this assignment a z-test or t-test would be most appropriate. The tests are basically the same. The z-test is used for samples n>30 and the t-test when n < 30. There are different versions of the tests. One is used when a single variance is being tested and the other for more than one variance. The ...