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    Independent, dependent variables, primary data discussion

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    Suppose you wanted to investigate the effects of two different methods of teaching reading in 3rd grade students. What types of research are indicated? What are the Independent and the dependent variables? What are your likely sources of Primary data?

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    Your posting does not specify any formatting protocol that you are required to use in your response to this assignment. I will cite in APA, 5th edition. The 6th edition has been out from some months, and some schools are already using it. Please doublecheck my citation to match what you are supposed to use, if this is a requirement for your paper.

    First, primary data is obtained from primary sources. Primary sources are, in this situation, the people who are involved in your research - the third graders, possibly their parents/guardians, and the teachers/administrators at the schools. Data that is gathered from these sources is primary data, whether it be their student test scores (quantitative), or their parent/teacher opinions in a qualitative survey.

    The research that is indicated, given the assignment specifications about investigating the effects of two different methods of teaching reading, would be field ...

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    Basic discussion of research terms, independent and dependent variables, primary data, quantitative and qualitative data, confounding variables, vulnerable populations.