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    Discussion on Causation, Correlation and Regression

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    I need some help in conceptualizing basic statistic concepts:
    (1)Briefly defines correlation and regression.
    (2) Compares (similarities) and contrasts (differences) regression and correlation. This is far different than the definitions required in (1) above. While definitions are important, they do not describe the similarities and differences. You, as the author, have to specifically identify and thoroughly describe these similarities and differences. Since the comparison and contrast account for the majority of the grade on this assignment, the bulk of your answer should rely on a very thorough discussion of the similarities (comparison) and differences (contrasts) between regression and correlation.
    (3) Explains, in detail. the nature of causation and correlation (and regression). What elements must be proven before a causal relationship can be established?

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    (1) Corrletaion defines the relationship between two continuous variables.
    But regression defines the relationship between a dependent variable and at least one independent variables.

    (2) Correlation is a number from -1 to 1 showing the direction and strength of the relationship between the two continusous variables. Positive correlation means that when one variable increases, the other variable also increases. And negative ...

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    The solution gives detailed discussion on causation, correlation and regression. It compares and contrasts their relationships using examples and concepts.