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    Special student populations

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    What special populations group will likely be in your classroom? How would these students influence your classroom management?

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    The two special population groups that you are most likely to have in your classroom include Special Education children, who come with an IEP, and English-as-a-second-language learners. You may have others, also, but these two groups are the most common.

    Special Education students are on a specially trained and hired teacher's caseload, and come to you with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) a legal document that you are required to follow. It spells out the specific accommodations and modifications that the child needs to succeed. Special Ed children come with a huge variety of abilities and disabilities. Gifted children, for example, are also Special Ed, and also have IEPs. Children can be physically handicapped, cognitively (intellectually) disabled or extraordinary, ...

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    What special student populations are you likely to have in your class as a teacher, and how should those students be addressed in the classroom?