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Norms in Psychological Assessments

The issue most commonly raised when criticizing the choice of an assessment tool is whether or not it was normed appropriately.

In Canada, we find that most of the tests weren't normed on our population (e.g., although some Canadians may have been included in the norm group, most of the tests that we have access to have been primarily normed on US populations). This has implications for using the tools with diverse populations as well...the minority groups primarily focused on in the US are Latinos and African-Americans. In Canada, we have a diverse population and tend to take a "mosaic" rather than "melting pot" approach to integrating immigrants into the population.

What might you look for in terms of norms when you consider the populations that you expect to use assessments with?

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What I would look for in terms of norms when considering the population that I expect to use assessments with, would include the social behaviors that these populations view as appropriate. I would ...

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The norms in psychological assessments are examined.