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    Psychological and Assessments and Tests

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    What psychological tests and assessments do family and marriage therapists use and why are they used?

    What is the difference between psychological tests and psychological assessments?

    4 different psychological tests.

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    Hi, and thanks for choosing Brain Mass. First, Psychological Assessments/Testing is interchangeable. The operative word is "psychological". These tests can be very specialized, such as the tests for auditory processing, differential diagnosing, or malingering symptoms. With that noted, remember, psychological tests fall into several categories. These fall into these categories: aptitude, achievement, and intelligence tests. It is also important to note that each of these constructs fall into the realm of human ability, and the tests measuring these constructs are also known as ability tests.

    An aptitude is potential and is revealed and inferred from performance. It has future reference in that it sets the limits of what is believed a person ...

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    This solution discusses psychological assessments and tests used by marriage therapists.